Emergency Items That Should Be Kept in Your Vehicle Trunk

Regardless if you are a woman man, old or young, occasional driver or commuter, there are particular things that you must keep within your vehicle every time. Though you won’t be able to utilize these things always, however, these are also the things that can save you in times of trouble and that’s something to be thankful for. You can learn this if you enroll in Oklahoma driving school. The items listed below are not too costly and they do not take too much space in your car. You won’t have any excuse to ignore having these items and keep them in places that can easily be reached on every trip. 

Complete setup for changing your tire 

What you will need to change your tire would be a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench. Also, you must keep a chock with you. No matter if you utilize a block of wood, you will need something that will prevent your vehicle from rolling once you don’t have a choice but to change a tire on an incline. 

Fire extinguisher 

Guarantee that the one you choose is intended to manage all kinds of fires, particularly electrical fire. You must regularly inspect the extinguisher to guarantee that it can be used anytime. 

Reflective triangles and road flares 

If you experience a vehicle breakdown in a hazardous or curved area, you have to let other drivers know about it before they bump into your vehicle.  


You can utilize flashlights even during the day to check something under your vehicle that cannot be covered by a sunlight. If you are worried about breaking down under the pouring rain, you should always bring with you a battery-powered torch or waterproof flashlight. Also, you have to guarantee to reserve new batteries all the time. 

Empty gas can 

You must never bring with you cans full of gas. Rather, bring an empty can in your trunk.  

 First-aid kit 

You should always be prepared by carrying a basic first aid kit with you while driving. You need to have antibiotic ointments, OTC painkillers, tweezers, and bandages. Keep in mind to update this kit since there are items that expire, such as medicines.  

Compact shovel 

You can bring a compact shovel and put it on your trunk, especially if you reside in places that have thick and severe snow. This can help you dig out your vehicle if you happen to be stuck. 

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