Things to Know About Electrostatic Disinfection 

Perhaps you are wondering how you can effectively create a safe environment for clients and workers if you own a property or business. One of the most effective disinfection methods out there that is slowly getting more and more popular is electrostatic disinfection.  

It is a method of disinfection that uses electrostatic spraying equipment. The equipment will change the disinfectant. This enables it to wrap around evenly and adhere properly to the surface. However, before you can start this type of sanitization in Fresno, there are a couple of things you should know. Here are some of them: 

How Should You Prepare Your Property? 

There are a couple of steps you’ve got to follow if you want to prepare your business for electrostatic disinfection. This includes: 

  • Leaving the property unoccupied 
  • Turn on the HVAC system 
  • Get rid of paper from desks 

These are the simple things you can do.  

Is It Safe Around Living Beings Such as Plants, Animals, and Employees? 

Of course, it is very safe. A reliable company will always utilize disinfectants that are safe for animals, plants, and people. They can also use these disinfectants on surfaces that comes into contact with food.  

Is There Anything That You Shouldn’t Spray? 

If you spray the paper, it will curl. Also, a couple of fabrics might be affected by the disinfectant. Thus, before you proceed, it is best to conduct spot tests.  

Will You Leave Behind Residue? 

The answer is yes. Disinfectors will typically leave behind a bit of residue. However, you don’t have to worry about the accumulation if you’ve got a cleaner and they wipe down surfaces regularly.  

Is There a Lasting Effect? 

When it comes to electrostatic disinfection, there is no lasting effect. The process will get rid of every single pathogen from the surface. However, you’ll have to disinfect again if the pathogen comes back. 

How Long Before I Can Enter My Property Again? 

After the cleaners are done disinfecting, you can immediately re-enter your property. However, almost every professional suggests that you wait for the disinfectants to dwell and dry properly. Usually, you’ll have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes. Surfaces might also take around 30-60 minutes to dry. This depends on airflow.  

How Long Does the Service Take? 

The answer to this question greatly varies on how big your property is and the type of surfaces that are being sprayed. Usually, regular electrostatic disinfection will take around 1-3 hours on average.  

Should I Close My Business? 

You don’t have to close your business. A professional company will typically conduct the service outside of business hours for your convenience. However, you should keep in mind that during the service, the building should be unoccupied.  

When Should I Disinfect My Property? 

This disinfection method can be done as preventative measure to maintain your property’s safety and health. You can also conduct this service if there’s a positive case of Covid-19 on your property. Though we’re all worried about the Coronavirus, electrostatic disinfection is great for any year to stop the spread of any illnesses.  

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